Rally to Read

The Rally to Read was launched in 1998 when the HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council), approached McCarthy to lend them a 4×4, needed to reach remote rural schools as part of a study on school resources. What was to be a once-off expedition quickly became a national project and now, during May and June each year, convoys of vehicles depart from five cities across the country to deliver educational material and resources to some of the country’s most remote and neglected schools.

Rally to Read - Bidvest Insurance
Rally to Read - Bidvest Insurance

As part of the programme, schools embark on a three-year process that not only entails the acceptance of literacy materials but also critical follow-up teacher support and training run by the READ Educational Trust.

Sponsors, by visiting the same schools over a three-year period, have the opportunity to evaluate the progress of literacy levels among the learners as well as success of the literacy programme over a period of time in those schools.

Although this charity’s roots started with McCarthy it is now a Proudly Bidvest initiative. Bidvest Group is now the main sponsor, with cars sponsored by the Bidvest Automotive channel.

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