Privacy Policy

Bidvest Insurance Group is committed to ensuring the privacy and integrity of information submitted by visitors to our web-site. All information of a personal nature submitted or provided by visitors will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to any person without the express consent of the visitor concerned. However, disclosure of any information provided or submitted by a visitor may be made where such information is in the public domain or where Bidvest Insurance Group is obliged in terms of any law, order of court or legal process to disclose such information.

Personal information may be disclosed to Bidvest Insurance Groups employees, suppliers and marketing agents where this information is necessary for the evaluation and enhancement of the products and services offered on this website.

Bidvest Insurance Group may disclose certain personal information of visitors, such as names, physical, postal and e-mail addresses to affiliated service providers for purposes of distributing promotional materials, newsletters, surveys and questionnaires or any other information or material but only if a visitor has specifically indicated its willingness to receive such materials or information.

Bidvest Insurance Group may provide third parties with general information that does not include particular personal information about visitors, such as their names and addresses, and which is intended to be used solely for compiling statistical or demographic information or otherwise abstract and non-personalised information.

Bidvest Insurance Group does not and cannot control the confidentiality, access to or dissemination of information which is retrieved through the use of “cookies” or information retrieved through the collecting and storing of IP addresses of visitors to this web-site.

A “cookie” is a computer file, which is transferred automatically from our web site to a visitor’s computer during an online session, and which enables Bidvest Insurance Group, its sponsors and advertisers to customise webpage content and to gather general information on the use and frequency of the visitor traffic. An IP address is an address assigned to your computer or server identifying it when conducting Internet activity.

Bidvest Insurance Group does not support or encourage and will take all reasonable measures to ensure the prohibition and removal from this web-site of all material which is or is likely to be interpreted, in Bidvest Insurance Groups opinion, as libelous, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, obscene or pornographic.